Our Story

Pet Connection has been created to bring people and pets together. This beautifully designed website is home to the best that New Zealand has to offer for the precious fur, feathered, finned and other pet babies we have in our lives. From kennels and catteries to where to find that perfect doggy sweater for those brisk morning walks or the perfect bird feeder, Pet Connection makes it easy.

Growing up we always had pets; I was actually named after a pet sheep. Precious cats; Saffron, Buffy and Hayley and loyal dogs; Smudge, Sam and Lily have shared their lives with my family, along with birds and goldfish. Today we are parents to Trixi, our gorgeous schnoodle and five cats. From Poppy who is 15 to PJ who is four, each have their own special and unique personality and we wouldn't be without any of them… although our bed is pretty full at night!

Animals and animal voice are passions of ours and the inspiration behind Pet Connection. Moving to a new area we had to form new relationships with vets, kennels and catteries and other pet suppliers. These relationships take time to develop and are precious. We wanted to be recommended places to go so we could feel confident in our choices and this is where the idea for Pet Connection was born.

Together we can share our experiences and help each other to make confident and informed decisions. We are dedicated to making a difference and we hope you will join us and help build this very special place where we can all come together and connect.



Our Mission



Find what you are looking for with a few clicks of the mouse as you navigate easily by location and/or category, enjoying the stunning photography along the way. It has been designed to bring your local business right to you from the comfort of your laptop, tablet or phone.



Making an informed decision is important, so Pet Connection allows you to post reviews on your experiences with pet business so that others may feel confident in the decisions they are making. 'Trip Advisor' for Pet Lovers!.



One dollar from every new directory listing and renewal will go to the Royal NZSPCA and 10% of our net profit each year will go towards an animal welfare project, so you can feel good that you are making a difference in an animal's precious life.